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The TS-RA2 is a high intensity remote audible and visible alarm unit for use with Franklin Fueling Systems automatic tank gauges. The unit may be used as an overfill alarm as required by federal, state, and local regulations, or as a general purpose remote alarm annunciator.

• Pulsating light and electromechanical buzzer warn of alarm conditions.
•Ideal for outdoor applications where a high intensity alarm is necessary.
• Can be combined with TS-RK remote acknowledge schemes.
• Has adjustable sound level with useful range of over 200 feet.
$ 657.51
$ 130.43
Installation kit for installing the TSP-DIS, TSP-EIS or TSP-ULS in dry interstitial spaces with 2" riser pipe openings.
$ 125.55
$ 903.96
$ 703.59
$ 2541.52
Pressurized line leak detection provides automatic 3.0 gph hourly, 0.2 gph monthly and 0.1 gph annual precision line leak detection for T5 Series (except TS-5) consoles. Statistical Line Leak Detection (SLLD) is a standard feature that can provide 0.2 gph monthly results on even high throughput lines.

• Automatically learns exact pipeline characteristics.
• No pipe type and length programming required.
• Monitors flexible, steel and/or fiberglass pipelines in any combination up to certified maximum values.
• Works with submersible pumps generating 25 psi or more.
• Automatically performs 3.0 gph, 0.2 gph and 0.1 gph line tests, as well as other line pressure checks.
• Includes the industry’s only statistical line leak detection (SLLD).
• Positive submersible pump shutdown in the event of a leak.
• Optional feature of T5 Series fuel management systems.
• For use in rigid, flex and rigid/flex piping configuration.
• Intrinsically safe and explosion proof options.
• Dispenser hook isolation and turbine pump interface (TPI) pump control options.
• Remote access to line pressure, test, and alarm information.
$ 2115.75
$ 96.72
$ 23.97
$ 1452.30
$ 98.70
$ 176.25