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RLY-RA Series relay(s)-SPDT dry contact(s), rated at 120vac, 5 amps resistive. Relay(s) housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure. Last number denotes number of relays. Interfaces with LU and LPD low voltage remote outputs.
$ 206.80
The TS-RA1 is a remote audible and visible alarm unit for use with Franklin Fueling Systems automatic tank gauges. The unit may be used as an overfill alarm as required by federal, state, and local regulations, or as a general purpose remote alarm annunciator.

• Pulsating light and piezoelectric buzzer warn of alarm conditions.
• Can be combined with TS-RK remote acknowledge unit to provide choice of alarm silencing options.
• Can be programmed through Franklin Fueling Systems Automatic Tank Gauges to activate in response to any type of alarm in the system.
• Alarms for overfill and general purpose.
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$ 5878.76
SiteFax modem for remote management of leak detection and inventory alarms and reports
$ 411.72
Quickly and accurately detect the presence of hydrocarbons or fluids and differentiate between the two, with Veeder-Root's dispenser pan and containment sump sensors. Alarm conditions, Fuel, Liquid Warning, High Liquid Alarm, Sensor Out - trigger an audible alarm. A displayed and printed message also appears on the TLS-350R or TLS-350, and they are recorded in their History Alarm Report.

Durable and accurate, with no moving parts to wear out or stick, these sensors withstand harsh environments, continuing to detect fluid or hydrocarbons even in freezing temperatures.

The housing is constructed of polyester, the sensing element a conductive elastomer, and it can be reused after an alarm is sensed without degradation.
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